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Here is the 2nd edition of our B.News special confinement! We would like to thank you for all the messages we received after our first edition. 

Cooking, crafts, big storage or simply have a rest, you are not out of ideas to occupy your free time, and we are happy to see that you are keeping your spirits up.

One thing is clear, you’re all eager to get back to your normal activities, meet your customers and start practicing again!  Well, we are really looking forward to it too! In the meantime, we have prepared just for you a second newsletter filled with new recipes and an exclusive Facebook Live with the well-known Leone Dibello, our Italian Master class professional in Permanent Makeup and Microblading!

Happy reading to all of you, and most all, stay home!

BIOTIC Phocea - Recette pigment maquillage permanent

A pretty deep pink for perfectly drawn lips!

Recette pigment BIOTIC Phocea

Take part in our live Facebook with Leone Dibello

It seems that many of you are taking this time to improve your technique and have a better understanding of the colours
That’s why you are invited to take part in an exclusive Facebook Live session with our trainer Leone Dibello, who will review his favourite lip colours and give you a few tips from his secret recipes !
See you on Tuesday, April 28th at 3pm!
Don’t hesitate to send us your questions before the Live show, to be able to answer them.

BIOTIC Phocea - Inscription Live Facebook

22,900 masks offered to our caregivers

Last week we mentioned this initiative, and now it’s done. The 22,900 masks offered by BIOTIC Phocea to the APHM’s caregivers have been delivered, and we can tell you that they were very happy!

BIOTIC Phocea - Recette Pound Cake

The Pound Cake, live from the States.

This week, Karine, our export sales representative, who comes straight from the United States, shares with you the recipe for authentic Pound Cake. A real treat for breakfast or snack!

Recette taboulé arménien BIOTIC Phocea

BIOTIC Phocea - Pound Cake
BIOTIC Phocea - Vocabulaire

« Colour is stronger than language. »

Marie-Laure Bernadac

Yes, but it’s still nice to be able to say it in any language!

BIOTIC Phocea - Vocaulaire couleur

BIOTIC Phocea - Vocabulaire

Despite the many answers we received on our Facebook page and by message, no one has found the colour used by Leone Dibello to achieve this lip pigmentation. It was our Terracotta pigment (LP58). 

Try your luck again this week! The rules haven’t changed: the 1st correct answer wins a 15€ voucher on our online shop valid until the end of 2020!

Jeu devinez la couleur BIOTIC Phocea
BIOTIC Phocea - Témoignages
« Hello to the whole team! Thank you for this complete news, it’s great! I prepared the tabbouleh for my little family. I had to replace the bulgur by quinoa, but it was still delicious! I received the training skins I ordered at the beginning of the week, and since then, I train 1 hour a day. It won’t replace the advanced course I signed up for in April, but at least I’m not losing my touch and I’m improving. My 8 year old daughter is running around to watch me and started drawing eyebrows too. I think she has found her vocation!!! 

See you soon, for real, in Marseille ! And in the meantime, good luck and take care ! « 

Sophie (69)

Photos, videos, texts, stories, questions, tips to share and hold on to…
Tell us about your confinement, give us news, we miss you!

We will share your stories in our next newsletter!


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